JUNK DANCER - creative documentary

Lasse is a 40-year-old show dancer who travels around Denmark during the weekends and performs at dance events and fashion shows. But Lasse leads another life as well: he is a drug addict and a criminal who will soon be going to jail. Lasse is looking forward to go back to jail so he can get clean. But is fifty days in jail enough to break his patterns and change his life?


JUNK DANCER is a film about Lasse and his struggle with coming clean, but it’s also a film about the universal aspect of living in a pattern and longing to break this pattern.


director Laurits Flensted-Jensen

producers Julie Friis Walenciak and Malene Flindt Pedersen

produced by Walenciak Film and Hansen & Pedersen Film and Television

supported by New Danish Screen and Creative Europe